Celebrating Iconic Women for Women’s History Month. Connect with our CTO Sarah Foss

Sarah Foss- CTO Audacy

Title: Chief Technology Officer (and “AmperWave Groupie”)

Location:  Philadelphia

Duties performed:  I have the amazing responsibility to drive technology strategy, accelerate business transformation through our proprietary platforms, and enable the amazing technologists at Audacy to innovate.  (If you can’t tell, I love my job.)

How long have you worked at Amperwave (does that include WO and Abacast time)?  My *first* day was the acquisition – October 19, 2021!

How long have you been in the industry?  A. Very. Long. Time.  I’m officially at 31 years now…and while somethings have changed (5G; DAI; Personalization), some things haven’t (Transmitters; Local Matters; Content is King!).

What do you love about your work/industry?  Technology has unshackled content!  I love the fact that AmperWave delivers content to me that matters from places that I used to not be able to access.  I heard my Philly hockey games in Denver and now I can listen to my Denver stations in Philly (and yet the ads are for the right community I actually live in).  Media still matters; we connect listeners to great content across the country in seamless ways.  That’s magical.

Fun facts about you!  Although I have stayed in the same industry my entire career, I have lived in 10 states, one district, and two different countries since becoming an adult.  While I wish this meant I was fluent in a variety of accents and languages, it really just means my favorite sports teams are a US / France-UK Bingo card!  Allez les Bleus!  Go Birds!  Play Ball!