Meet an AmperWaver Celebrates Women’s Month with Software QA Engineer Ella Arana

Meet Ella Arana!

Title: Software QA Engineer

Location: Vancouver, WA

Duties performed:

To ensure optimal deliverables, I evaluate feature needs, ask a lot of useful questions, and effectively test them. My role also includes performing automated tests to help reduce flaws or problems in a product.

How long have you worked at Amperwave (does that include WO and Abacast time)?

2 years from WideOrbit and 2 years from Amperwave. (almost 4 yrs total)

How long have you been in the industry?

I have been in the tech industry for almost 5 years and I love it. 

What do you love about your work/industry?

I’m excited about learning new technologies, where I’ll be able to undertake interesting tasks and tackle new challenges. I also appreciate our diverse work culture and good work-life balance. As someone who works from home, this allows me a lot of flexibility and enables me to be highly efficient throughout my day. Mid-Day Showers are divine!

Fun facts about you! (Pets, Family, Hobbies, Hidden talents, Languages spoken, etc.)

Back when I started learning to code, I enrolled at a coding bootcamp in a classroom environment that required me to commute 6 days a week and do nonstop keyboard tapping for 10 hours a day, all while pregnant. My dedication brought me to where I am now, and this is my go-to motivational narrative for anybody considering a career in software development. If I can do it, you can certainly do it.