The Month May Be Almost Over But We’re Just Getting Started.

For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.

Virginia Woolf

Meet Leah!

Title: Product Manager

Location: Washington DC, but fun fact is I sought this job because it was listed as a Vancouver WA job and I was/am trying to relocate to PDX

Duties performed: My job varies a lot depending what needs to be done to get requirements aligned and products out the door. Sometimes that means spending a lot more time with the customer to keep their needs met and really make sure we understand the business well enough to be developing products for them. Other times it’s much more involved in the engineering side to hone requirements and make decisions on what can be done in regards to our tech stack and time constraints.

How long have you worked at Amperwave? Since August 2022 but it feels like I have both been here longer and also still don’t know anything!

How long have you been in the industry? I have been in software product management for about 5 years but was in technical program management for my entire career prior to that. Prior to coming to AW, I worked for the FAA (Federal Aviation Admin) for a little over a decade working on developing and delivering large projects like radars and more niche projects like data solutions supporting logistics.

What do you love about your work/industry? I love my job here at AW because not only is the work interesting, but more importantly the people we work with are geniuses. But they don’t let that stop them from being supportive, kind, patient and welcoming. I have found that the industry can have a tendency to be self important, but AW is truly a collaborative workplace that values the individual, respect and understand when we work together then we all succeed.

Fun facts about you! (Pets, Family, Hobbies, Hidden talents, Languages spoken, etc.) I have a three legged feline coworker, named Cat, who sits on my desk all day while I work and occasionally makes a zoom appearance. I am also very involved in the DC rowing clubs and spend my spring, summer and fall on the water as much as I can with my crew! I also love to bake and when I do move to Portland, everyone in the office there better be prepared to eat cupcakes.