Upcoming Event!

NAB Las Vegas April 15th-19th 2023 Stay tuned to see where we will be set up and what keynote speakers will be there. Credit.GettyImages.Mihajlo Maricic Credit.GettyImages.Rawpixel

Add companion banners for a pre-roll or in-stream ad to your campaign FIRST, so you can easily select them later to attach to your pre-roll and in-stream creatives. Save campaign filter customizations for later use with the Permalink button Credit.GettyImages.Hanna Plonsak

Listen to all your streams, as well as see artist, title, and album information from the Stations Page in the AmperWave Console. Account Admins can easily create, edit, and delete AmperWave users from within the AmperWave Console. Head to the Account Page to check it out! Credit.GettyImages.Hanna Plonsak

Meet An AmperWaver

Michelle Benninghoven, Sr. Manager QA (Delivery Solutions) Duties performed: I manage the most awesome AmperWave QA team. We are responsible for testing and building automation for everything AmperWave which includes AdTech, Streaming, Podcasting and Exclusive Stations. How long have you worked at Amperwave (does that include WO and Abacast time)? Next March it will be … Read more

September-Bits and Bytes

Measuring Loudness and Normalization: Measuring how loud something is seems like a relatively straightforward process. For example, it’s easy to determine that my house is much louder when my kids are home from school than when they’re not. But it is not always that simple. Sound is an interesting phenomenon, capable of carrying information of … Read more

AmperWave-Bits and Bytes

Welcome to the first Bits and Bytes! By now you’ve heard the news – WideOrbit Streaming is now AmperWave. As a new addition to the Audacy family, we’re excited to bring you the latest information on the business of audio streaming, distribution, and monetization.  Each month, we’ll share tech news, key trends, upcoming events, and … Read more