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AmperWave’s Audio Streaming &
Monetization Platform for Publishers

Tap into the Power of Audio

Designed for Audio, our hosting and distribution platform enables
publishers to monetize their audio inventory, optimize ad revenue,
and deliver a personalized listening experience.

AmperWave Streaming

The leading cloud-based distribution platform for live audio streaming – for any content, on any device, anywhere.

Monetize streaming content through direct-sold and programmatic ad sales.

Maximize digital audio revenue with advanced targeting, dynamic ad insertion, and Nielsen-compatible simulcasting.

Provide a superior listening experience with fast, reliable streaming anywhere, on any device.

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AmperWave On Demand

Robust hosting platform for podcast & on demand audio content.

Everything podcast publishers need to drive revenue – from dynamic ad insertion and advanced targeting to powerful programmatic capabilities.

Podcast hosting paired with real-time reporting to measure downloads, impressions and revenue in real time.

Flexible control with episodic editing, content creation tools, built-in broadcast to podcast automation, and adaptable templates for multiple ad types.

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The Best Ad Decisioning Engine for Audio

Power your digital audio advertising with the leading monetization platform for publishers.

Customized ad targeting to reach specific listeners based on real-time data signals.

Holistic yield optimization engine ensures all ad opportunities are filled with the highest CPM.

Place inventory more efficiently with deliverability control, frequency capping and programmatic buying at scale.

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John Morris

Senior Vice President, Streaming • Digital Engineering [email protected]

Dana Murphy

Sales Director

Taylor Joiner

Manager, Digital Technical Operations and Support
[email protected]

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